Establishing a Virtual School Environment has been a life-long venture for Covenant Private Model Academy and we are excited by the opportunities that it presents. Higher education is already moving rapidly into online and distance learning and therefore the skills learnt during this period will be useful for all students in the future. 

Within our design of the CPMA Virtual School Environment, we have retained two core elements that we believe make us outstanding. Firstly, the live student-teacher interaction which is fundamental to all students making progress and achieving their full potential. Students gain so much from direct interaction with passionate and talented teachers. The second core element is the desire to maintain our personalised learning approach that treats every student as an individual and support them pastorally and academically at all times.

We believe that online learning will develop in all students the skills required for independent learning alongside the 21st Century skills to learn in digital environment.

Education is certainly changing and all at Covenant Private Model Academy are keen to change with it. 


Guided e-learning will be provided for all students of all classes at Covenant Private Model Academy. The School will continue to provide every possible opportunity, through a virtual school environment, for students to make progress.

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