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At Aflon, we do all things to promote the very best of excellence in all spheres. But we have special focus on academic performance of our students. We keep track of examination results and give information to our students. This is to encourage students to work hard towards being the best in their classes. By listing those that have done and are doing very well, we wish other students to be encouraged to do better and have the hopes of being listed here also in the nearest future.

Tracking of Prize Winners Progress

Since 2008, we have been keeping records of annual winners of prizes at the end of each session. Click on the links below to view these information

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Aflon Digital Academy is a special school. I have been in Aflon since I was in Primary School. We are being taught by good teachers. What I love the most is the educational camps activities that involve both teachers and students every year. Our labs are fully functional and we get to practice what we are learning.

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My School, Aflon digital Academy has helped me since I was in JSS1. The school has exposed me and the entire student population to activities that has been of tremendous help to academic life. We have our sporting activities that help in physical development on Wednesdays. We have guidance and counselling sessions where the counsellor educates us on friendship, relating with teachers and career choices and also advise us on important roles we can play in the society.

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Been in Aflon four years. 80% of what I know today was imparted in me at Aflon Digitial Academy. I joined Aflon Digital Academy in Junior Secondary 2, I met my best friend here and am always having the best sport experience. I flopped in football before I joined Aflon but now I am a better player.

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I can say Aflon is my world because I joined AFLON in Nursery 2 and now I am in Senior Secondary 2 and the experience has been amazing.


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