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Aflon Digital Academy is highly equipped with state of the art facilities which aid the cognitive learning of our distinguished students. Beyond being mindful of the welfare of each child, the established British-Nigerian curriculum with other extra-curricular activities makes learning educative, conducive and accommodating for our students. We are environmental friendly hence we ensure that all buildings facilities in the school are built with ecofriendly red earthen bricks made of strong clay. Its components are: clay-bearing soil, sand, and lime. It maintains moderate building temperature and is also good for energy efficient warmth in cold season and cool during the heat season. Since we are an ICT inclined institution, we ensure our teachers and staff use IT for instructions in class and for out of class activities.

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  • Adequate security (Police officers, security wired fence)
  • Standby Generator/Solar Panels (Alternative Power Source)
  • Water filtration system
  • Ecofriendly earthen bricks
  • Recreational facilities (Football, Volleyball and Basketball court)
  • IT Lab equipped with over 30 sets of Computers and Projector
  • Moodle Access for each student (That is each student gets an access to the internet for specific period in a term)
  • Well maintained toilet facilities
  • Comfortable hostel accommodation
  • Standard kitchen facilities with dining hall for the students
  • Beautiful walkways
  • Informative wallpapers along class corridors to inspire the students
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Academic Library

Our academic library is readily equipped with current books frequently used by students and teachers to support the learning and teaching needs.

Because we are a digital school, we have also installed automation library software system to harness digital library resources such as eBooks, audiovisuals, videos which also helps to improve student’s learning experience.


IT Lab

At Aflon Digital Academy, we consider technology a top-notch.

Our IT lab is state of the art with numerous interconnected computer systems and projectors.

Our students are versatile in desktop publishing and computer programming, and are able to use the computer to carry out a lot of task.

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Health and Toilet Facility

Aflon Digital Academy has a room dedicated to the services of a clinic. We have employed the best hands to cater for the health wellbeing of students either boarding or day. The clinic has a matron and nurses that ensure every child is proactive and they are on standby in cases of emergency. Our health facility is equipped health records management system that helps track the welfare of every child from the beginning to the end of every term.

Each block of class has a modern, well-maintained built-in toilet that can effectively serve multiple students at the same time.

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Our school has provided modern transportation system which conveys students to and fro. A secure bus tracking and transportation system with GPS tracking is in place which enables ADA to efficiently manage routes, scheduling and mileage of our students’ location, drivers and pickup destinations.

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Hostel Accommodation

Aflon Digital Academy has allocation of hostel rooms to boarding students. All rooms are spacious and adequately equipped with standard bunk beds and foamy mattresses with secure cupboards that help them store their personal belongings.

Food House

Our kitchen facility is standard with a dining hall for the students. The cooking is done by professional chefs and they prepare quality food that enriches and nourish our students.

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